How Star Performer Training will introduce The Resilience Effect™ to your team

At Star Performer Training we offer four different programmes…

Bronze training for Level 1 Star Performers

Bronze training for Level 1 Star PerformersLevel 1 training takes place in a group format (12-15 delegates) over the course of two days. Your team will finish the programme with an 8-point Resilience Effect™ Action Plan and three months of email support for each delegate to help them make the most of everything they’ve learnt.

If you are interested in The Resilience Effect™ and how it can help you identify, create or develop Star Performers, then this course is your first step. After this intensive two days – and with the three months of support you and your team will receive – you’ll see a drop in stress-related absenteeism and performance issues, a dramatic reduction in tension between team members and an improved ability to handle high-pressure deadlines.

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s simply the Resilience Effect™ in action. Your team will effortlessly handle difficult clients and colleagues… Change will become an opportunity rather than a burden…

In short, your team members will soon become Star Performers and your existing Star Performers will be performing at an even higher level. And it’s just the beginning…

Silver training for Level 2 Star Performers

Silver training for Level 2 Star PerformersFor team leaders, department heads and Star Performers who’re hungry for more, Level 2 builds on what you’ve already learnt in Level 1 in order to equip you with the expert knowledge you need to transform your own team members into Star Performers.

Like the Bronze level, this training takes the form of a two-day course for 12-15 delegates. You’ll finish with a seven-point Star Performers action plan so you can immediately start introducing everything you’ve learnt to others within your organisation, plus three months follow-up email support for each delegate.

This level is all about empowering Star Performers to take their own performance to the next level while simultaneously training the next generation of success stories. Your Star Performers will create an incredible ‘talent pool’ within your organisation.

You’ll build on the benefits of the Bronze programme, and will soon find them spreading throughout your whole organisation.

Gold Training – The Fast Track Programme

Gold Training – the Fast Track ProgrammeIf you’re really committed to developing Star Performers within your organisation and want to make it happen fast, then we offer the Fast Track Programme, where you’ll spend three intensive days learning and implementing everything from the Bronze and Silver levels. This represents an incredible investment in your organisation’s future and is perfect for any team who’re truly committed to achieving their full potential.

The Executive Programme for Level 3 Star Performers

Executive-ProgrammeThis is the ultimate one-to-one Resilience training for senior executives and people of influence. This level focuses on creating a company-wide culture of Star Performers, with a rational approach to problem solving and a genuine passion for creativity and innovation.

This is the most personal of all our programmes. It begins with a personalised needs analysis, to identify exactly what you need to be doing to nurture Star Performers, leading straight into a whole day of personalised training on The Resilience Effect™ and another day of personalised coaching to help you develop your new leadership skills.

Everything from the Bronze and Silver levels is included, but in an intensive 1:1 format, so you can develop them in a more bespoke learning format.

You’ll receive a personalised Resilience Effect™ action plan, with three follow-up coaching sessions (held at your own convenience) to make sure you’re fully equipped to outperform your competition and turn stress into success.

It’ll be your first step towards transforming your organisation’s profits and productivity and also enjoying a better work/life balance of your own. If you want to learn the leadership skills that will transform your team into elite Star Performers then this is the programme for you!

If you’re in any doubt about which level is right for you and your team, feel free to CONTACT US with any questions.