What our past clients say…

“Full marks to you Jo on all of the following aspects of the Resilience workshop:

  • Explanation of the topic;
  • Ability to engage the audience;
  • The power of Reframing as a good tool;
  • Practical activities to back up the theory.

“As you can see, I was delighted with your workshop and the tool it has become for me. This is one of THOSE courses that will follow me on my shoulder and give me a nudge in the right direction when I need it. So thank you for what you gave us.”

Ingrid Bjurgård, Education Manager, Novo Nordisk, Scandinavia

“We were delighted to invite Jo to deliver a Masterclass on Workforce Resilience Training for some of the top organisations in Geneva. Jo delivered an engaging, interactive and high-quality workshop which received extremely positive feedback from the delegates, sending them away with some juicy tips on how to build their Resilience. It was a real pleasure to see delegates engaging in this highly innovative training programme.”

Marie Gow, Project Manager, UK Trade and Investment

“Jo is a great Trainer and a great lady. In Volvo CE Italy, her training had an excellent success. Most of the attendees asked the company to have the opportunity to have other training sessions with Jo. She can deliver training in Italian without any problem. Thank you Jo!”

Lisa Gnoli, Human Resources Manager, Volvo CE

“Jo is a highly professional and talented individual – Jo has ensured that my business has remained focussed and on target. Beaumont Training have remained close to my business getting a real feel for its development and playing an active part, enabling Jo to give informed advice regarding key decisions. I have no hesitation in giving Jo a professional endorsement.”

William Cort

“I was recently very lucky to have a consultation with Jo. I was at a stage in setting up my business where I needed a little clarity to help me achieve my aims and goals. Jo was fabulous, we sat down and she helped me to put things into perspective, organise what needed to be done and to identify the people I needed to involve to get the tasks complete. Jo didn’t tell me what do, she helped me work it out for myself. As a result of our session I followed Jo’s clear advice/recommendation and managed to move my business onto the next step I would recommend Jo’s services to anyone who needs some good honest advice and guidance. Thanks Jo!”

Gill Brown

“Jo came into my company and interviewed all my key staff and looked at our group structure. The end result was me identifying all my strengths and weaknesses and also where I needed to concentrate moving forward. Staff morale has increased dramatically and team effort has raised… Invaluable experience and thank you…”

Eco Man

“Jo worked with my partner, she found her to be very professional and knowledgeable with a real insight on how to help her to achieve her aims. A pleasure to work with.”

Simon Chaplin

“Jo has a phenomenal capacity to resource projects and consider creative solutions to challenging people problems. She has a structured approach but this is not to the detriment of flexibility and team involvement in the process. I would happily utilise her skills and experience again.”

Marion Parris

“Jo’s outgoing personality, professional expertise and genuine desire to facilitate the success of others makes her an obvious choice for coach, consultant or colleague.”

Dr. Margaret Simms

“Jo ran the April 2011 event for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s Learning and Development Group. We had a thought provoking session on Emotional Resilience that worked at both a personal level for those in the room and at a wider level for people to take thoughts back to their own businesses. An intriguing subject covered in an accessible and practical way.”

Helen Jackson

“I can’t begin to thank you for yesterday’s resilience training session. I had a wonderful day, thank you so very much… I got to spend the day thinking, with some lovely amazing people and to be stimulated by everything you had to say. It was all obvious, or you made it seem that way and that is such a gift, Jo. Frankly I could’ve listened to you all day and night. I will remember your content I know, because you made it live and your real-life examples resonated with my own experience. I particularly loved the sessions where we stood up and enacted the theory as a practice… Thank you. I feel well and truly coached. I had never really seen you in action before and wow!”

Lucy Colenson

“Our monthly meetings with Jo are invaluable – in short she stops me going mad! Keeping us focused and clear on what our goals are Jo also helps with any issues and decisions. Having someone to review things with who is outside the business really makes a difference. But it’s not just that, it’s Jo’s skills that really help us to know how best to approach any task or issue.”

Simon Davey

“Jo is a great trainer and a great lady. In Volvo CE Italy her training had excellent success. Most of the attendees asked the company to have the opportunity to have other training session with Jo. She can deliver training in Italian without any problem. Thank you Jo!”

Lisa Gnoli

“I had the opportunity to attend a training held by Jo. She is a professional and competent trainer, and a wonderful person. I hope to meet her again in another training session.”

Giorgio Fasno

“My positive thinking will be more realistic. And I realised that sometimes I can be like a monkey (stuck in my ways).

It could change the thinking of our top managers. And the result could be seen in the change in the firm’s culture. And it’s necessary due to the changes in our industry.”

Mirza Pohorska, HR Director, Ogilvy Group

“I’m now thinking about my approach to unpleasant situations in my company. I’ll try to find more positive solutions. I’ll also try to change my mindset.

I’ll change my approach to changes. I’ve learnt to change solutions – change is a challenge, not a problem. Jo is a true ‘Super facilitator’.”

Jolana Blazickova, HR Specialist, Trexima

“This sort of positive thinking can be used not only for individuals but for company training too.

Jo is an excellent facilitator.”

Hana Ondruskova, Lecturer

“I’ll now think about and better understand my ‘dogs inside’.

This is the ideal course to give employees the opportunity to change their mindset and more easily accept rapid changes in the organisation.”

Petra Kalacova , HR Specialist, Arcor Mittal

“Very inspiring! Shows you how to overcome obstacles along your way, to take and look on all kinds of situations in a positive way.

This training helps everyone to understand each other better.”

Libor Stodola, Senior Manager, PriceWaterhouseCooper

“I am looking forward to preparing and running training sessions in a more creative way, and through a more psychological lens.

In particular this training benefits areas such as leadership, raising the bar, performance management, personal development, talent management, etc.”

Iva Jandova, HR Manager, Chartis Europe

“Jo will help you reframe your thinking in a positive way.

Working with her will help your develop good ideas for a necessary combination for improvement of systems, processes, products, etc.”

Vratislav Kalenda, MD, Image Lab Ltd.

“Firstly I left with a positive attitude, secondly a goal. Achieving a goal without the appropriate attitude is not satisfying.

This course will help anyone think in a new way about old, well-known issues.”

Tomas Haken, Consultant, Assessment Centre

“The course encourages people more when discussing their careers. They leave with a deeper knowledge of why they find things difficult.”

Veronica Muronova, Head of HR Dept. Arcelor Mittal

“I will now pay more attention to my mental habit-forming, and try to be more realistic in my optimism.

People could release their potential and would not be afraid to do things differently.

Thank you very much for coming to the HR Know How Conference in Prague.”

Martina Minarova, HR Manager, People Management Forum

“I will try to keep my “badly-trained puppy” on its leash. Smile inside as much as on the outside. Keep a better work-life balance and develop my well-being.

In any organisation, Resilient employees work better, have better results, and are better prepared for any change.”

Michaela Turecki, Associate Professor, Charles University, Prague

“As a result of Jo’s training, I will no loner act like an ‘old monkey’ and let the new monkeys ‘climb for the treasure’. I will train my ‘bad dogs’ and can choose my way of thinking. I see the world through my own mind so I need to have a positive mindset.

Working with Jo will help you develop teams of stronger, braver and more positive people. They will not act like ‘old monkeys’. People will see problems as a challenge or opportunity, not a problem. Employees will be happier and satisfied, with greater loyalty and an open-minded atmosphere. You’ll create an organisation full of ‘adult’ people, responsible for their own lives and actions.

Thank you. Czech people and managers are sometimes not positive. They look for the bad points first, but this training will change their mindset.”

Kristyna Stoklasova, Training Leader, Ogilvy Group

“Thank you very much for the last example of the morning. I’ve been thinking about your words and will try to use them in my job.

There’ll be more realistic optimism in our daily jobs.”

Hana Musilova, HR Director, Merck

“The course helped me to consciously foster self-confidence by thinking about my strengths, thus influencing positive thinking and beliefs. I cannot change everything (limited zone of control) but what I can change and influence is more than good enough. I now embrace change and focus on new opportunities (even not known ones).

One can be more productive even in a stressful period of time, if the level of Resilience is higher. Limiting the period of time and impact of panic (due to pressure, uncertainty and fear from layouts) brings better performance, increased motivation and engagement.

I am looking forward to your next training in Prague.”

Vaclav Kourim, HR Director, Astrazeneca